Manufacturing Vessel

Pressurised with a nitrogen blanket this manufacturing vessel was installed and ICS  designed and installed the automation control system. The vessel is used in manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and the nitrogen keeps the ingredients contaminate free. The jacket temperature is controlled from a separate temperature control system (see below project) and also included a safety interlocked viewing hatch and agitator control.

Vessel Temperature Control System

To reduce the electrical load for large water chillers this vessel temperature control system was installed which consisted of heating and cooling exchangers and also an adiabatic blast cooler. The vessels used in pharmaceutical product manufacturing have heating/cooling jackets filled with a glycerol mixture. To effectively and accurately control the temperatures during the manufacturing process we used a Mitsubishi Q PLC and we successfully installed and commissioned this system which currently serves four manufacturing vessels.

Clean Room HVAC Control Panel

Recently installed clean room HVAC panel. This HVAC unit was designed and installed to maintain temperature and humidity in a clean room. Maintaining the correct amount of air changes in the room to ensure a hygienic environment. ICS designed, installed and commissioned this system.

Climate Control for Poultry Sheds

With the demand for poultry always increasing we get involved in the climate control and ventilation systems of new and existing poultry sheds. We always use quality well know equipment to ensure reliability and long life.


Micronizers are basically large industrial ovens, mainly used in the production of certain cereals in animal feed, cocoa production and the brewing industry. We have worked with this client for several years and these machines are produced and sent worldwide from France to Australia. Our control panels control the gas/air mixing valves along with the flame ignition devices and combustion air fans. 

Flaking Mills

Flaking mills are usually found in the breakfast cereals industry however they can be used for a variety of applications from milling flour to crushing wood used in animal bedding . This particular project will be flaking cornflakes with our high precision hydraulic PLC controller.  Fully inbuilt roll cooling control and bearing temperature monitoring to ensure long life of the machine and a quality flaked product.